What’s to come next?

What to expect when building a brand new website? We’ll discuss the points and details when building a new or even giving that old website a “face-lift”. Stick around a learn about the design and planning process!

We’ll first of all, what is your website for, who are you trying to reach and what market are you trying to tap into? Planning the right content and pertinent content for your site is crucial. You don’t want to bombard your readers with a ton of text and graphics (except when publishing an informative blog. Like this one lol). You want to have the most important information up front and personal first so the reader doesn’t have to hunt around on your website.

Should you adopt Sketch?

Yes! One of the first questions I will ask for a rough sketch of the pages you’ll want for your site. Draw up a sketch of the “parent” pages and “child” pages you’re going to want on the site. For example, the parent “Services” page will have child pages: Websites, Graphics and Print, but for the entire site.

So with me you’ll have only 3 expenses to worry about when building your site. Firstly is the domain name if you don’t already have one, and these vary in prices depending if that domain is desirable or not. Second is the hosting fees, which for a basic and most sites is an affordable $100 per year (these servers are really fast, check out Wrinkle Free I.T. great service and people and personal friend). And lastly, my website design fees, and prices vary greatly by what you need done. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a quick ball park estimate.

I’m easily accessible via phone, email and text but prefer text (always faster anyway) so check out the Let’s Talk page (fancy for Contact page) for all that good stuff. Thank you!

Don’t forget to accompany that fresh website with some printing material to go along with your business. Check out the Printing page to see a full list of services for print, anything from business cards to feather flags!

Let’s Work Together


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