Finding a good one

First of all, a domain name is the web address for your site, (eg. and finding the perfect domain name can be hard sometimes…

There are some domain names as cheap as .99 cents and as expensive as any person will be willing to pay. It’s important to choose a domain name that best represents your website but more importantly one that will drive people to it via search engines. Some of those expensive domain names can be categorized as “premium” domain names. Why you ask? Well sometimes these domains have a strong domain history, meaning they already have a “good reputation” on search engines, healthy traffic stats which in result yield a higher page ranking in search engines.

Also, those premium domains might have words, phrases or keywords that have a higher search volume when people are doing  a search.

Should I spend the money on multiple or premium domains?

One of the pros is you won’t have to spend as much in marketing to get a higher ranking in search engines. People will know before going to your site what you’re about, so money saved in explaining or promoting your domain name. Higher SEO, greater page ranking, and good quality traffic. Simply because your domain name matches what people are searching for.

Multiple domain names is also a good idea. This way you own all of the .com\.org\.whatever and make sure no other company or individual will be using your company name and misdirect customers there. Getting different spellings for your domain name might also be a great idea, for example, your site name might be, but it might be ideal to also purchase,, just in case a customer types it this way, both will redirect to your site.

Premium domain names are so coveted nowadays that they have reached ridiculous and incredible prices. is 2.8 million. 5.1 million, 7 million, 11 million, and a whopping 17 million!

Well, now I already have or have purchased a domain name. Great! Now onto hosting. Website hosting is a service that gives businesses or individuals the ability to post their website on the Internet. Think of it as “rented” internet space, given that your literally renting space on someones server with your website.

When someone types in your website address into their computer, their computer then connects to the server your site is hosted on and all of the web pages will be shown on their screen. For this reason it’s important to find a Host Provider that have servers up to today’s tech & security standards. If not, your site might have super slow load times, meaning the customer might get annoyed or impatient and just find a different website. Or worse, your site might be vulnerable to hackers and viruses due to the lack of proper security measures.

Check out Wrinkle Free I.T. for hosting, they have really competitive pricing and state-of-the-art servers, really fast ones too!

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